Wowwee!🀩 Another year gone. Lots has happened this past year let’s do a little recap🧒 of what I’ve been up to in 2019 and maybe a couple fun knowledge 🧠 tidbits. Enjoy! πŸŽ‰

Map of the United States


Hours Spent in Chicago 🐱Meow Building Better Healthcare Solutions

Hancock Tower L Train Video
Luggage Ticket Illustration GE Healthcare Booth at RSNA The Bean!



Penny in the Mystery Machine Penny in the London Tube Fluid Design Logo
Ship It Pepper the Panda Paddington Bear plus some Margins Starship UPMC Enterprises Penny saying Hai

// Number of lines of code shipped




cups of coffee consumed

You read that right,
I don’t drink coffee πŸ˜‰


of software improvements big and small

Radiology Workstation

Wondering what this image represents? It's a radiologist workstation. A key part of your healthcare that, as a patient, you would never interact with. This past year I have designed radiology tools from image viewers to work prioritization and voice reporting tools for several groups of medical personnel. Helping to improve them on many different areas including:





Version 3 of branding; Coconut

Launched v3 of .com

codename: πŸ₯₯

Updates include:



πŸ”NOMNOM Mobile Menu


Code Cleaning 🧹

Branding Update

Level Up Arrow Illustration

Leveled up a bunch of skills this year

Project Management
Product Development
Information Architecture
UX Writing
Design Ops
Systems Design
Gif Curation 😝
Process Design
User Research
AI Design

Leveled up a bunch of skills this year

Consumer Electronics Show Logo

Consumer Electronics Show

Intersect Logo

Intersect @ CMU: Healthcare Innovations

Seattle Interactive Conference Logo

Seattle Interactive Conference

Radiological Society of North America Logo

Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting

Had the privilege to attend several wonderful industry events this year. Here are a couple photographic highlights.

Albert & I presenting at CES Eureka Park

Albert & I presenting Processly at CES Eureka Park

LG Screen Canyon

LG's Screen Canyon

Public Market sign Seattle

My cousin and I hanging out in the upside down room of Seattle Interactive

Public Market sign Seattle

Exploring the famous Public Market in Seattle

Google Assistant Ride

Google shared advertisement you can ride; a look inside the Google Assistant

NPR Session on Voice Interactions

NPR's Meg Goldthwaite sharing the way they build voice interactions

GE Healthcare Booth at RSNA

GE Healthcare's booth at RSNA anchored by native PACs reporting and artificial intelligent radiology products

Braid AI Booth at RSNA

Exploring Braid.Health's vision on radiology viewers

Canon Action Cam

Canon's unique action cam; Using the carabiner as its viewfinder.

Amazon Sqheres

Exploring Amazon's Sqheres; The architecture, the plant life and the wonderful lighting design

& lastly





Laughs with
the Team